Medical Consumables Manufacturer

Gongdong™ offers the manufacturing solution of OEM/custom consumables in one station, from original concept design, material analysis, 3D prototyping, in-house moulding tooling to IQ/OQ/PQ protocols and mass plastic injection moulding production in our GMP standard Class 100,000 cleanrooms.

Disposable Blood Collection System, offers a complete system of vacuum or non-vacuum PET / Glass / PP blood collection tubes, needles, needle holders and safety devices, also includes a complete range of products for paediatric and capillary blood collection products with varieties of functional and accurate additives, which are optimally designed and validated for medical or clinical usage. We are a professional and well-experienced OEM Medical Blood Tube Factory in China.

Our lab testing consumables include petri dishes, cuvettes, and test tubes made of quality materials. Molded by high-precision molds, the consumables fit for various types of lab instruments.

For the prevention, protection, collection, and/or transportation of Corona viruses. All transport swabs have been authorized patented produced. UTM/VTM collection kits with quality media, proven collection, and transport tubes, and safe, reliable packaging.


DLAB Scientific is an established high value laboratory equipment supplier dedicated to developing and manufacturing innovative and reliable application tools with unmatched performance to enhance customer operation success and value.


CITOTEST for creating a cost-effective Manufacturer and Provider for high
quality Microscope Slides and Microscope Cover Glass. And based on a lot of fundamental hard work as well as persistent pursuit during the initial years, we finally made it and had CITOTEST well distinguished from other suppliers of economical products, and CITOTEST obviously became popular as a symbol of high quality production.

FL Medical

Research, evolution, excellence, quality. The elements behind FL Medical. Its history, that goes back more than 40 years, stems precisely from these factors, with a constant growth that has taken the company from a laboratory to a business with an international reach.


“Easier Operation, Better Result” is the belief of DiaTrust. Based on the powerful system of R&D, manufacture and supply”, DiaTrust dedicate to delivering reliable all-in-one solution for clinical laboratory and scientific research. Processing twenty years of experience in the supply and service of overall solutions for laboratory consumables, the founders of DiaTrust harvested plenty of precious feedback at the application sites, which enables DiaTrust close to the customer demands & preference and encourage the DiaTrust close to the customer demands & preference and encourage the DiaTrust team to develop the distinguished DiaTrust product line & value rapidly.